Chronic pain is a serious problem for combat veterans and soldiers. In a sample of 2597 soldiers who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq, 44% reported pain lasting for more than 3 months, half of whom reported pain for 1 year or more. (JAMA Intern Med 2014;174:1400–1). Between 2010 to 2014, 65.5% of US military veterans reported pain in the previous 3 months, with 9.1% classified as having severe pain.


Battlefield Acupuncture / Battlefield Acupressure


An Emerging Method for Easing Pain
A protocol of up to five semipermanent needles / seeds
The use of only up to five specific sites in one or both ears.


Seminars 2022
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BFA   USA   Baltimore, MD 9/17-9/18   16 NCCAOM/16 CE Br   Sister's site
BFA   USA   Fort Lauderdale, FL 6/25-6/26       Sister's site
BFA   USA   Orlanddo, FL 4/23-4/24       Sister's site